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A few words from our mD

For years I worked in jobs I didn’t like, I even managed to accumulate a significant debt and I pretty much lived pay cheque to pay cheque. There was never enough money at the end of the month.

Thankfully all of these challenges have led me to where I am today and I have learned that a big part of being successful comes down to having the right people around you and taking advice from those that are in the situation you want to be in.

I learned how to work less and make more
I learned how to become an effective communicator and how to become confident dealing with the general public
I learnt to overcame my fears, especially of public speaking and recently even managed to do a TedX Talk
I discovered my purpose and learned the secret to having financial freedom
I developed more perspective and became more open minded
I learned how to handle pressure and find solutions
You can do the exact same as me; I've created Escalate Organisation Ireland to show you exactly how.

Sharon McCaffrey

Managing Director

If you are reading this, you probably KNOW you can DO MORE, BE MORE, HAVE MORE and GIVE MORE, but you may not know how to do it. With Escalate Organisation Ireland, you can achieve your goals and much quicker than you think.

We'll teach you transferable skills such as:
How to improve your communication skills and build your confidence
How to pursue the things you want in life
How to improve your social skills
How to handle pressure and stop worrying
How to find a mentor that can help keep your mindset on track
How to set the right goals
The proven formula to achieve every goal you desire
How to fast track your goal achieving
How to move your mindset from your current results to where you want to be

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